Five Cruelty Free Favourites | Volume 3.

Welcome to Volume 3 of my ‘Cruelty Free Favourites’ series. In this post, you will find great budget friendly cruelty free brands along with my numero uno product for a lil gloss on the lips.

1. No7 Essentially Natural Foundation

No7 Essentially Natural Foundation has been my number one foundation for over a year now. It is a lightweight yet buildable foundation with a natural finish. It’s not matte but also not super dewy yet gives a healthy glow which I find suits my oily skin. It lasts well on the skin and is especially gorgeous throughout the summer months when I want that ‘no makeup, makeup look’. I just adore this foundation for everyday makeup looks that veer more towards the ‘natural’ side… I do have to let out a little LOL when I describe any makeup product as natural, but ya know what I mean. You can shop No7 Essentially Natural HERE.

2. Essence Lash Princess Mascara

Essence is definitely one of the most budget friendly cruelty free brands out there so I was delighted to discover just how good their ‘Lash Princess’ mascara is. As you can see from the packaging this is a well used product of mine. Mascara is something I would pop on even if not wearing any other makeup so to have a such a budget friendly yet great product to wear most days is a big win. This product does exactly what I want and lengthens my non existent lashes into something I can at least attempt to flutter cutely. Essence products can be found in Penneys/Primark and Pharmacies Nationwide.

3. Carter Beauty Setting Standards Baking Powder

While I’m certainly no makeup artist, I have seen rave reviews about this product from those that know their stuff. I use this when going on nights out or those days that I’m extra oily and let me tell you, it is pure magic. It sets the areas you apply it to so smoothly without needing top ups. Before this product, I would need to give my makeup a powder multiple times throughout the day/night, but with this it’s just not necessary. It’s a really brilliant product for an even more brilliant price. (Shade I use: Translucent) You can shop it HERE.

4. Catrice Cosmetics Brow Comb Pro Micro Pen

Yet another great budget friendly cruelty free brand.. Catrice Cosmetic Brow Comb is my product of choice for filing in any gaps in my brows. I apply my Soap Brows first which I have mentioned in Volume 2 of this series and once that’s set, I apply this in stroke like motions for a brushed up ‘fluffy’ brow look. I feel like the three pointed tip on this makes application that bit quicker than a single point and also makes the product pretty fool proof in achieving that ‘hair stroke’ effect. (Shade I use: Granite) You can find Catrice Cosmetics in Penneys/Primark and Pharmacies Nationwide.

5. Charlotte Tilbury Superstar Lips

Charlotte Tilbury lip products deserve every ounce of hype they get in my opinion. While only having tried a few lip products from the brand, the quality is next to none. Superstar Lips in the shade ‘Everlasting Kiss’ is my latest obsession for a glossy lip with lasting power. My problem with lip glosses is the lasting power is never there for me, while I find this product may not last all night, it has definitely impressed me. I dab this along the lips over a lip liner for a gorgeous nudey pink glow.

That concludes Volume 3 of my Five Cruelty Free Favourites series, I do hope to have you back here for Volume 4!

Love Shóna xo

Brands featured were cruelty free at time of posting this. Always do your own research to double check the current cruelty free status of a brand.

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