My First Airbnb Experience – Budapest

There may be lots of you reading this and wondering ‘how can this be your first time to use Airbnb?!’, as I know it is the first choice for many when it comes to travelling due to it generally offering excellent value for money compared to some traditional accommodation booking sites. I guess I never gave it a proper chance due to simply sticking with what I know, but after giving it a quick browse when planning a trip to Budapest last month I couldn’t pass up on making a booking. An abundance of high standard accommodation options for very reasonable prices were available in Budapest.

For those of you who may not have used Airbnb before, you have the option of filtering the type of accommodation you would like with choices such as a ‘private room’ within a house/apartment, the ‘entire place’, ‘hotel room’ or ‘shared room’ so we went with the ‘entire place’ option, which I’m pretty sure would be the first choice for most of you but depending on budget/prices in the city you are going to, it’s great to have the other sharing options with detailed reviews provided so you have a good idea of what type of environment you are walking into.

We ended up booking a beautiful, very central one bedroom apartment which cost €124 for 3 nights, which I’m sure a lot of you will agree is a very reasonable price, but overall that’s a pretty standard price for Budapest. This particular apartment operated via self check in with instructions given by the host a few days prior to your arrival. This made checking in very simple and we could arrive at our own pace, (check out was also the same).

The interiors of this apartment were what initially made me click into the listing and I was most definitely not disappointed. Although, quite a small space overall, it was utilised beautifully with a bright living area decorated with simple yet impactful antique furniture. Parquet flooring covered both the bedroom and living area and anyone that knows my interior preferences will know how passionate I am about a parquet floor.

The apartment is located in the Jewish Quarter and it really could not have been a better location. It is so close to all the famous bars and restaurants yet isn’t affected by noise like you would imagine as it is down one of the quieter streets. Quite a few of the big tourist spots are again within walking distance with transport very nearby for anything further.

The only downfall that came with this particular apartment is the accessibility. It is located up three flights of stairs with no lift on the premises so for those with reduced mobility etc., this just could not be an option unfortunately. It is clearly mentioned in the listing however, but as I said it is certainly a downfall.

So will I be using Airbnb again? ABSOLUTELY.

..of course, every individual Airbnb will be a different experience, but I’ll be making sure to make it my first port of call when looking up accommodation options for my future travels. Here are just some of the benefits I found using Airbnb as opposed to other booking options:

  • I loved having an apartment with our own kitchen (not that we used it), and just our own space in general to make my essential morning coffee before I could enter out into the world each day.
  • Generally, you can find places to stay within the city centre for a lot cheaper than city centre hotel prices meaning you save on transport costs overall also, along with all the other benefits that come with staying somewhere central.
  • A lot of the time, hosts can provide you with some local knowledge that you may not hear about or read about when researching your trip so you can find some lesser known hidden gems that way.
  • There are quite a lot of unique stay options on Airbnb which again, you wouldn’t find on traditional booking site to make your trip that bit different and more unique.

For any of you who are like me and are looking to use Airbnb for the first time, you can get €41 off your first trip if you sign up via my link by clicking here. For transparency, I’ll also get €23 credit, so it’s a win win for us both! The link to the above apartment listing can be found here if you want to take down the details when searching for your stay.

As always, I hope you took something from this post and would love for you to keep up with me over on Instagram for more posts about travel & more.

Until next time,

Love Shóna x


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