Welcome to Volume 2 of my Five Cruelty Free Favourites series, in case you missed Volume 1, you can catch up HERE. In this post, I’ll be sharing what has proven to be my all time favourite red lipstick, the products that are giving me a bronzey summer glow & more.

I was only introduced to Éminence as a brand this year after I was kindly invited along to an event of theirs. We were given a goodie bag which included this face primer. It claims to have a blue light defense and an SPF of 23 while giving a subtle glow. Now I do usually steer away from any primers that claim to give a glow due to my oily skin and them tending to just enhance my oily-ness rather than giving the desired ‘glow’. However, this primer is just a little bit of magic to be honest. It doesn’t feel greasy in the slightest and gives the perfect base for my make-up while also providing me with a subtle glow and what is key for me, not an oily glow. Another thing that I adore about this primer is the smell, it’s like nothing I’ve smelt before so it’s hard to describe but it’s almost like a fresh yet rich scent. Ironically after mentioning its’ ‘rich’ scent, this primer is definitely on the pricier side for me which is both a blessing and a curse, as while I’m delighted to have discovered this product, I’m now hooked and will 100% want to repurchase. You can find out more about this primer and also purchase it HERE if you wish.

Next up is my all time favourite Red Lipstick, it’s from Inglot and is in the shade 176. The pigment in this lipstick is insane, it glides onto the lips due to its creamy, smooth formula and lasts really well, with the expected need to top up after eating etc. It has a glossy finish when the light hits it and isn’t drying on the lips whatsoever. I’m no expert but I want to say I feel like this lipstick has that blue undertone a lot of us tend to desire in a red lipstick, so it helps to give the illusion of a brighter smile. It’ll take a damn good contender to knock this product off its number one podium for me. You can shop it HERE.

Dripping Gold Wonder Water by SOSU was arguably one of the biggest beauty launches of the year here in Ireland. It was like gold dust for months with it selling out time after time. I luckily got my hands on a bottle in shade Medium-Dark a couple of months back and have been using it since. I would never apply fake tan to my face prior to this product as I always found it would seep into my pores making my face look almost dirty and it would also make my face more oily and cause breakouts, so of course, I was a little skeptical of this Wonder Water. However, after the first use I was converted. This product feels so light weight on the skin, has a gorgeous fresh scent, doesn’t make my skin oily and overall gives the nicest bronzed glow. I am the palest person (borderline translucent), so I’ve come to accept that fact that my bare face does make people constantly question if I’m ill whereas the opposite happens with this tan on my face. It’s my absolute go to for a natural sun-kissed look throughout the summer months. You can shop it HERE.

Bellamianta ‘Skin Perfecting Illuminating Bronzing Powder’ has become another favourite glowy, bronzy summer product of mine. Can you tell yet that I’m loving everything glowy this summer? However, I personally prefer what looks like a natural glow rather than anything too in your face so again, this product helps me achieve that look. I apply this over tan on my collar bones, shoulders and shins and also sometimes pretty much everywhere that is visible to be honest. I find this product great for those days that your tan may have faded but you want a quick top up, I just apply this onto visible areas as it has the most perfect red undertone. You can purchase it HERE.

Lastly, and by no means least is Soap Brows from West Barn Co. A lot of you may have seen this product floating around Instagram, so of course, I gave in and was influenced. This product is the secret behind those natural brushed up brows which seem to be a really big summer make-up trend this year and I just adore them, simply because it’s easy and quick to do. I do fill in my brows slightly with another product as unfortunately, they’re not as bushy as they used to be, but this product means I don’t have to fill in very much. I’m all about natural looking make-up for the summer months so Soap Brows have become an every day makeup essential for me and will be a main feature in my makeup bag for quite some time. You can purchase it HERE.

That concludes Volume 2 of my Five Cruelty Free Favourites series, I do hope to have you back here for Volume 3!

Love Shóna xo


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