Salthill, Galway
I was so kindly invited along to Gourmet Food Parlour, Salthill to try out what they have to offer. After seeing quite a bit of them on Instagram (kudos to their social media team), I was quite confident that it wouldn’t disappoint. 

For those of you familiar with Salthill, Gourmet Food Parlour is situated just off the main road nearly across from the famous O’Connor’s Pub making it a great location if you’re perhaps planning dinner and a few drinks as all the pubs and bars are within walking distance. Salthill prom is also within walking distance, with the beach, amusements and more if you want to make a day of it.
On walking in to the restaurant, I immediately noted the decor as being bright and modern with pops of bright pinks, blues and more throughout. Dare I say it.. but it is very ‘instagram-able’ with ample lighting pouring in through its big glass front windows.
We were there for 6pm meaning it was dinner time with an early bird menu also available.


Artisan Bread & Dips
You may or may not know but I have become vegetarian the last few months after spending a few months as a pescatarian so that left me with 3 starter options, Artisan Bread & Dips, Pimento & Garlic Olives or Goat’s Cheese Bon Bons. I opted for the Bread & Dips which came with three dips: hummus, sundried tomato pesto & basil pesto. Hummus & pesto are two pretty big obsessions of mine so it was an obvious choice. The bread was crisp & crunchy and I am of course, not going to be able to fault my loves.. the dips. The portion size was quite generous but I think I made a good attempt at getting through the most of it.
Gambas & Tiger Prawn Pil Pil
My plus one enjoyed ‘Gambas & Tiger Prawn Pil Pil’: Chilli, garlic & lemon oil served with rustic bread to start.


Three Bean Thai Red Curry
For mains, my options were Wild Mushroom Papardelle and a Three Bean Thai Red Curry which is quite a nice selection as more than often, I find myself having to opt for a pasta dish thrown onto the end of the menu as the only veggie option available. I went for the Three Bean Thai Red Curry & Basmati Rice and I have zero complaints, it was a really nice and flavorful red curry.
Sesame Salmon Fillet
Roasted Rosemary & Garlic Potatoes
Can you tell my plus one is a fan of fish? I happily got a taste of the Roasted Rosemary & Garlic Potatoes which were seasoned perfectly!


Chocolate & Raspberry Fondant
After that delicious meal, we had to agree on sharing a dessert as I couldn’t face a full one which is usually a good sign after a meal. We opted for the Chocolate & Raspberry Fondant. You may have seen over on my Instagram Stories, a video showing how perfectly ‘fondant-y- it was. It really did just melt in the mouth. If I had to be super picky, I would say the only downfall of this dessert was it being accompanied by a scoop of strawberry ice-cream.. I ain’t a fan, but, obviously that’s just personal preference.
House Red, Butterfly Ridge, Shiraz Cabernet
I won’t even begin to attempt trying to make out I know the slightest thing about wine. My knowledge of wine is pretty simple.. I like red wine, I like white wine, I’m not fussy. I opted for a glass of one of the house reds on offer which I really enjoyed.
A huge thank you to Gourmet Food Parlour for being so kind to invite me in. I had a really lovely, relaxed evening which was down to the staff being friendly and helpful, the food being yum and just the whole vibe of the restaurant.
I’d recommend paying them a visit if you get the chance as they offer breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner & drinks so as you can tell there’s something for whatever kind of food mood you’re feeling. You can check out their menus HERE.
I hope you enjoyed this little overview and do let me know if you decide to try out Gourmet Food Parlour..
Love Shóna xo

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