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Valentines’ Day is something that seems to be an either ‘you love it or hate it’ type of occasion and to be honest, I’ve always been on the side of loving it. It can always be argued that its all a marketing fiasco but isn’t every occasion?.. It’s simply up to you how you celebrate it, if you even celebrate it and what it means to you.

To me it means celebrating all things love, be that among friends and family, romantically or self love. It’s an excuse to do something special for someone you care for, so be it big or small it always nice to let someone know they’re loved.
Getting to spend time with the one you love is the ultimate gift so organizing a Valentines’ Date is something your other half is sure to love. Anything can be a date as long as you are both enjoying each others’ company so I have decided to round up some date ideas for any of you that may be on the lookout for some inspiration this coming Valentines’.
Dinner & Drinks
Probably one of the most obvious choices for a date night is dinner & drinks, but there ain’t nothing wrong with the obvious choice. It’s an excuse to get dressed up, eat some food and have a gin..or two. So if your loved one is anything like me and loves any excuse to get dressed up, this is the perfect choice to spend some quality time together. Maybe try booking somewhere you both haven’t been before so you get to enjoy a new experience together.
Head to the Fanciest Bar you Know
Get dressed up and find a fancy bar you’d never usually go to, just for the one. Choose an obnoxiously expensive cocktail from the menu and enjoy.
 I’m not sure why this idea appeals to me so much, but it  just does.
 Cosy Movie Night
While I do love an excuse to get dressed up, I also love my lazy nights in just as much..probably a little bit too much. Round up some of your favourite movies, lots of snacks and a bottle of wine as your core essentials for the perfect movie night in. Add in some extra special gestures for the occasion such as – buying your loved one some new lounge wear to ensure maximum comfort.. be it fluffy socks, new pjs or a cosy dressing gown. Then build a blanket fort with lots of cushions in front of the fire accompanied with some candles for an extra romantic ambiance… how perfect does that sound?
Play Tourist for the Day
We often take our own surroundings for granted so go and play ‘tourist’ for the day in your nearest town/city. Head to all the landmarks, historic sites, museums or whatever your area has to offer the typical tourist.

Recreate your First Date
Take it back to the night you met… well maybe not the very first night but recreate the first date you had together, whatever it may be. It’s always nice to reminisce on good times so why not relive those good times?
Explore Nature
Here in Ireland, we are truly blessed with an abundance of beautiful walkways, mountains, cliffs, lakes, beaches etc etc etc… Take your loved one out into nature to enjoy not only each other but this beautiful country a lot of us get to call home.. and if by some miracle the weather is picnic appropriate then do make sure to make the effort and put together some nibbles for a simple yet oh so thoughtful gesture.
Take a Brewery Tour
Another thing we are blessed with here in Ireland is the vast choice of home brewed drinks we have, with distilleries dotted throughout the country. So why not book a tour for you and your loved one because lets face it, getting a little tipsy with your other half is always fun, while of course, learning all things brewery related.
Book a Night Away
Whisk your partner away for a romantic getaway for a simple change of scenery. Lots of hotels offer specific Valentines packages which include a meal, chocolates etc so get googling and booking fast as they’re sure to fill up.. or why not browse Air BnB for a unique and new experience?
I do hope you all have a lovely Valentines’ whatever you get up to.

Here’s to love!

Until next time,
Shóna xo
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