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Molinard, the renowned and venerable Grasse perfumer, is a family history that has thrived for five generations,  forging a legacy with a passion for creation. An adventure that defies time, remaining true to its values and maintaining its exacting standards of excellence, quality, and tradition.’

Originating in the Perfume Capital of the World – Grasse, France, Molinard have been creating rare, imcomparable perfumes since 1849. Now stocked on allbeauty.com, (the exclusive retailer of Molinard in the UK), you can shop this beautiful brand with ease. 

Everything about Molinard feels luxurious to me and like everything else about this brand, the packaging has a great story behind it. During the 1930’s, Maison Molinard called on some of the world’s most celebrated glassmakers to design and sign unique glass containers.
In 1932, René Lalique designed “Le Baiser Du Faune” (“Kiss of the Faun”),

which won the award for most beautiful bottle in the world at the 1939

New York World’s Fair.

Habanita is a cult classic for Molinard. It was created in 1921 and was a trailblazer for its’ time. It revolutionized perfume codes, creating the first women’s Oriental fragrance containing vetiver, an essence that was until then reserved for men. Habanita’s innovative style was soon embraced by the garconnes, France’s flappers and quickly became an icon in the history of French perfume. The history of this fragrance is certainly honored by this beautiful matte black glass bottle. It is a floral, woody and powdery scent and as someone who prefers less floral scents, this perfumes floral tones certainly aren’t overpowering with Powdered Oriental taking centre stage in this scent. Habanita is a timeless, sophisticated perfume and one that I can see myself going back to time and time again.
Ambré Lumiere is a musky, oriental scent which I feel like has a powdery element to it also. It has a deep and rich scent with the top notes being coriander, almond, lemon and eucalyptus . I don’t know how to describe this best, but this fragrance feels light, almost summery, yet has a very rich element to it. The gorgeous bottle is certainly a classic, with an almost vintage style to it which would look stunning sitting amongst any perfume collection.
Secret Sucré is a softer powdery scent with the top notes being nougat and powdery notes. This fragrance is one of the more light yet still rich Molinard fragrances with a very slight sweetness to it but nothing overpowering which is something I adore as I really don’t like fragrances that have an obvious sweetness.
Nirmala is described as an ode to love. The top notes being mandarin, grapefruit and passion making this predominately a fruity scent. I feel like the mandarin top note takes front seat as the most immediate smell. Unlike the previous scents mentioned, there are no musky or powdery undertones to this scent so this would make the perfect perfume for those of you that enjoy a light and fruity scent.
(Nirmala is currently out of stock but check back to allbeauty.com)

Violette has top notes of bergamot, lemon, blackcurrant and violet petal with what I feel as blackcurrant being the most immediate scent which is so unique to any perfume I’ve ever smelt before. It is slightly sweet with a slight powdery element also. It is a more subtle scent and feels as if it rests perfectly. I adore the purple tint glass bottle with its’ simple rectangular shape. Again, this bottle looks like a classic that belongs in any perfume collection.
Patchouli is a deep, powerful yet soft scent. I feel like its one of those memorable scents that embeds itself in your mind. It has top notes of neroli, orange and geranium with a musky, woody tone. 
(Patchouli is currently out of stock, check back to allbeauty.com)

Peyment Les Amoureux is an obvious choice if you’re looking for bang for your buck yet still want that bit of luxury from such a stunning brand as Molinard. You get this 100ml bottle for a very friendly price. The top notes in this fragrance being bergamot, orange, mandarin, grapefruit and verbena. One of the middle notes, ginger, is very evident in this scent with fruity tones also taking centre stage. The bottle displays a gorgeous image as an emotional tribute of the perfumer to the artist, the illustrator of Les Amoureux. 
Campus makes for the perfect on the go perfume in this 30ml bottle, pop it in your handbag and you’re good to go. The top notes of this scent are lemon, mandarin, green apple and pineapple which makes for a light, fruity scent. This fragrance feels fresh with the aromatic top note deepening into a more woody base note.
Molinard is full of fragrances that I feel are memorable and unique so do check them out if you’re looking to treat yourself or, of course, treat someone special in your life.
I’ll be running a giveaway for you to be in with a chance of winning some Molinard fragrances so do keep an eye out on my social channels.. (giveaway ending 20th Dec 2018)
Until next time, 
Shóna xo
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