Occasion Wear Shopping can be hard, there can be so many questions like what’s appropriate? how much can I spend on it? do I want something I’ll wear again? etc etc. I haven’t had to buy anything for an occasion in quite some time so I was actually excited at the thought of it.

I was invited to my boyfriends’ cousins’ wedding on Friday last, and having not been at a wedding yet as an adult, everything about it really excited me. As soon as the invite came through, being me, the outfit planning immediately commenced in my head which would make you wonder how I ended up with such a last minute look. I hadn’t decided on what look I wanted exactly, but I did know that I wanted a dress. I didn’t want a bodycon as I feel I can wear a bodycon to pretty much any event so I wanted something that I probably could only wear to an occasion such as a wedding.. and that there was my plan as I went about browsing for dresses but as you will find out, I maybe should have put together somewhat of a better plan..

As most of us wouldn’t intentionally buy a see through dress for most occasions, I obviously didn’t intentionally purchase a see through dress for this occasion. I do the majority of my shopping online and have had very little online shopping disasters, until lately. I can only recall returning one item bought online before this, so you can say I’ve been quite lucky with my online shopping experiences. In my mind I had firstly wanted some type of satin slip dress, as I just love that whole 90’s fashion vibe. A satin slip dress with a cowl neckline and a dainty sandal, it all looked so perfect in my head. I had anticipated the arrival of this dress as I just couldn’t wait to see what it looked like on and it arrived in loads of time so I was winning in the preparation game for once but… it just wasn’t meant to be. The minute I opened the package, I could see the material did have that ‘cheap’ look about it so my high hopes instantly dropped, however, I still had some hope that it could look better on. Not too surprisingly, once I had it on, it just continued to disappoint, the material looked just as ‘cheap’ on and all my bits were there looking back at me in the mirror so it was an immediate NO from me for pretty damn obvious reasons.

I still had a bit of time before the wedding so I didn’t panic and went online again and fell in love once again. This second dress was exactly what I love in fashion, it was that bit different, it wasn’t your run of the mill dress but was still appropriate for a wedding guest look. I had also seen it on a couple of bloggers in different colours and it looked insane on them, like I was obsessed with the dress. The dress was available in sizes S, M, & L and this is a bit if a pet hate of mine, because everybody is shaped so so differently that sizes just can’t be broken into three simple categories unless the item isn’t meant to be fitted etc. This dress would need to fit my waist just right for it to work and even though I knew it was likely not to fit right, I just loved the dress so much, that I took a chance. Low and behold, it arrived and the sizing was way off. It was too big on the waist and too long in the torso area so I thought that’s OK I can get it altered. However, having worked in an alterations shop, I had a think about it and realised all the work that would have to be done due to the material and structure of the dress and decided against it. I realised it firstly may not be ready in time due to all the work that it needed and also didn’t want to add more expense to the dress, as I knew the work that needed to be done would cost quite a few dolla bills and so I sent it back.

Now I did get very lucky as the final dress I ordered did arrive the morning of the wedding, but that was cutting it a tad too tight even for me. I had ordered it for next day delivery two days before I needed it, but when you live in the backend of nowhere, next day delivery isn’t really a thing. I also had to order it in two sizes as my size was out of stock so I went for the size below and the size above and luckily one of them fit, as the material does have that bit of stretch to it. So when I realised it wasn’t due to arrive until the day of the wedding, I had to do a last minute sprint to the shops in the hope I’d find a back up. I looked in nearly 20 shops and couldn’t find anything that would even just do. I eventually found a dress and picked that up without even trying it on as I was in the state of mind that anything will do at this stage. I went home and tried it on and it fitted perfectly and looked quite well if I do say so myself, but having my heart set on what I had ordered I wasn’t as enthusiastic about this one. I held out until the next morning and had never been happier to see the courier calling at 9:30am telling me he should be with me in about half an hour, T minus 3 hours to the wedding and my dress had arrived.

I was so chuffed with my final dress that I wore on the day to be honest, I was immediately drawn to it as it has somewhat of a Dolce & Gabbana vibe. I also discovered when I put it on that it had pockets so it was raking in the brownie points from me. Another big bonus was how comfy it was to wear. The material is that scuba material, so it has a little stretch to it making it the ideal for a big ass wedding meal, and my god was the wedding meal we had big, it was so delish that I was certainly glad for my little bit of stretch.

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I just want to say a massive Thank You to Naoise & Shane (the lovely bride and groom) for letting us be apart of their big day, I think it’s safe to say everyone had such a great day.
Until next time,
Love Shóna xo
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