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MY 2018 PLANS.

So I know we are well into January and some of you may be wondering where is she off to posting her 2018 plans, New Year New Me is soooo 3 weeks ago. Well as I like to say better late than never. I had completely lost my blogging mojo for quite a bit due to personal reasons and all the negativity surrounding the Irish blogging community but I’m done with letting that hold me back and here I am with my first outfit type blog post in quite a bit, my plans for 2018.

1. Travel More
This is definitely what I’m most excited about for 2018. I am determined to see more places both in Ireland and abroad. I already have some plans in place such as I’m going to Limerick this weekend and I’ve actually never been in Limerick city so I’m looking forward to that, I’m going to London (yes..again) in February and catching some of Fashion Week which has always been a dream of mine so I’m V excited for that and then I’m planning on booking a trip to Barcelona very soon also so I cannot wait to have all of these experiences but also bring more travel content to the blog for you all.
2. Shop Smarter
I am so guilty for impulse buying clothing, shoes etc. without thinking and end up not getting my value for money simply because I’ll only wear that item once. Now I’m not going to completely hold myself to this one because if I see something I  reaaaaaaaaaaallllllyyyyy love and really want knowing full well I may only get one wear out of it, chances are I’ll still get it BUT I will from now on, think and ask myself will this go with other pieces I already have? Will I get more than one wear out of it? Can I mix and match it? and I think this whole outfit ticks all of those boxes, every element of this outfit can be worn so many ways and in fact, I already have worn each piece so many ways, well, except for the top because it’s brand new but I have lots of outfit plans for it already. 
3. Get back to basics
I really want to get back to where I started with blogging and that was writing and shooting posts pretty much like this. I haven’t been into writing much posts lately as so many people aren’t clicking into blog posts anymore and an Instagram picture gets a much higher reach for me so I was in the mindset of what’s the point of putting the effort into a blog post to be honest. But this is where I started and why I started so I want get back there because this is what I love doing and even if just one person actually reads or checks out my blog posts, I’ll be happy out.
4. Get Healthy
If anyone knows me, you’ll know I have a cold or flu nearly all of the bloody time and if you think I’m exaggerating, I’m unfortunately not. A cold may not sound that bad but when it’s nearly every week you’re getting one, it is sooooo draining. So I want to focus on eating better, like more fruit and veg etc. because word on the street is that they’re full of good stuff and just eating in a more regular pattern. I want to actually remember to take my supplements, I’m the worst for complaining of being tired etc. and then I still somehow always forget to take the supplements which I have gotten to combat that exact issue, (yep, I’m an idiot). I also want to get more active to feel better all round in both mind and body. Here’s hoping that’s the trick to not always being sick.
So there you have it, some of my 2018 plans, there are a few more but they’re more on a personal level so they’d only bore you.. Here’s to 2018, I really do hope you all have a good one! 🙂
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Both the bag and jacket, I recently picked up in Penneys, the jacket was reduced to just €9 and the very designer inspired bag is just €8.
Love Shóna xo

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